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When we were small kids, more than our parents we used to believe what our teachers used to tell us. They were like this epitome of knowledge for us. Whatever they said was like a fact for us. We were even afraid of them the most. The constant fear of the scolding we will get in class if our homework is not complete kept us on our toes. We even loved them the most, with one or more teachers being our favourites. We used to be most excited about telling us anything new that we learnt about or observed. Not very differently, we were also the closest to our mentor or teacher when growing up. I believe each and every person has some mentor or ‘Guru’. They have a positive effect on our mind and lives. To us they are the ultimate source of knowledge, wisdom, experience and guidance. And to them, we are something very close to their own children. They love us; they care about us even when they are not our blood relatives. They care for us like our own parents. Such is a student-teacher bond. And in India, we celebrate this special bond on September 5 celebrated as Teacher’s day.

1409830670done28I vividly remember that as kids we used to gift rose flower or any other flower to our teachers. It was a token of respect, love and gratefulness we had for them. Even after growing up, we all make sure to gift our teachers with a small token of gratefulness we have for our teachers and mentors and as a ‘thank you’ for all they have done for us. With teacher’s day round the corner, I am sure that most of us have already reminisced old days, walked down the memory lane and must be smiling at all the beautiful sweet-bitter moments with their teachers. Their care, their scolding, their appreciation, all of it puts a smile on your face. And same happens with the teachers when they think about their students. So why not make this teacher’s day extra special by gifting a present to your teacher or mentor that puts a smile across their face right away?

Avon Kolkata Florist will help you with that better than any other gift shop. One of the leading gift shops, Avon Kolkata Florist is different from every other gift shop. The personal touch that Avon Kolkata Florist puts in each and every product and gift, the effort and thought that they put to each product shows their dedication towards quality and making sure that whoever gets the gift from their shop, smiles. With multiple gift options, multiple payment methods and gateways, Avon Kolkata Florist offers the best service in town. So with Avon Kolkata Florist, send across your tribute to your ‘Guru’.


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