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Time flies when you are surrounded by your loved ones. Time flies more quickly if you are with the person whom you love. You don’t seem to notice how the years pass by and its your wedding anniversary. Wedding is one of the most beautiful celebrations of life. How two people who are completely strangers to each other start their journey, fall in love and get in the most profound and significant relationship. It’s amazing to see how these two strangers become an integral part of each other’s life and are the supply of oxygen to each other. Now they can’t imagine their life without their partners. Wedding is a really fascinating sentiment to get into. It is the most pristine yet delicate relationship of all the relations. The couple is said to be made in heavens. So this heavenly relationship should also be celebrated with all the purity of heart. Making your partner realise how much you love them and what they mean to you is the most exciting thing to do. Whether you are the the romantic type or the practical one, deciding about your anniversary celebration is always a fun. It holds a sense of excitement which cannot be found anywhere else.

Wedding anniversaries are an opportunity to rekindle your relationship. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and needs to be taken care of at every step of life. Every day should be like the first day. But celebrating an anniversary gives you the chance to find out once again all the little mischievous and playful habits that get hidden in your monotonous and daily routines. Read below for some fresh ideas to make your spouse feel worthy and deserved.


Old wine tastes the best. First date is always the most memorable to any person. Take your spouse on a date to that particular place. It will remind you of all the happy memories of that special first day. Plan something special for your partner at the location. Let them have exactly the same menu as it was on the first visit.


You can take your spouse out on a candle light dinner. To make the moment a once in a lifetime experience, repeat all the vows you both had taken at the time of the marriage. Tell him/her how they have been the best companion throughout. Make them feel that you are obliged to have them in your life. You can also throw a big ceremony to celebrate this great occasion.


If your spouse wants to be back home with you, you can plan to watch their favourite movies. Dedicate each other songs from carious movies that best describe your heart’s feelings and songs that define your relationship as the way it is.


You can also take your spouse to your wedding venue for a dinner. It will remind them of all the lovely moments you both had with each other. You can also celebrate it with your family members to make the anniversary celebration an exact replication of your marriage.


Go out and have fun. Make a list of places you both want to visit in the city. Take out that camera. Go photo clicking everywhere. It will boost your energy levels and give you a fresh feeling. The most important thing is, you both just be together.

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